Android Phone Freezes Up

Android is the most popular operating system developed and led by Google. Numerous Smartphones and Tablet PCs have been developed with Android OS. But, Android users often face the problem of their Android powered device getting freeze or unresponsive to their action implied. One of the most common reasons why the people are experiencing problems with their Android phone freezing up is running of too many applications in the background of your Android device. In such situation, your Android devices stops responding and you would not be able to access any things on your Android phone.

Infrequently, a data corruption on your Android Smartphone can lead to freezing of Android device either upon booting or when you are trying to turn on your device to display its main screen. For instance, to wake up the Android phone while it is in sleep mode, you might press the power button, but rather than displaying its main screen, Android phone freezes up and you may see black screen. At this point of time, you may restart your Android device forcefully by pulling out the battery and reinserting it again or pressing the power button and volume down button for 20 seconds. When there is any sort of data corruption affecting the activity of main screen, even after following this method, it may not bring your frozen Android phone to its initially functioning state. What would you do now? Just relax! Under this frustrating situation, where your Android phone freezes all the time, the only thing left with you is to repair or perform Restore Factory Settings operation.

Just try these steps to fix the issue of Android Phone Freezing up:

  1. Close down running applications: Home – Menu – Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Tap the Running tab. In this screen, you will be able to see the applications running in background. Now, among these running programs you need to have running, if it’s something that you don’t understand then just leave it. Tap on the App, then you would be able to clear cache and force stop. By performing this, your phone will be free and would not get bogged down and freeze or shut itself.
  2. Clearing of cache on third party applications: Home – Menu – Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Tap 3rd party or Downloaded tab. From there you will see the entire Apps downloaded to your Android device from the play store. Now Tap an Application and from there you either Force Stop and Clear Cache or just stop the application.
  3. Clearing the browser privacy settings: Home – Application – WEB / Browser – Menu – More – Settings – Scroll down to privacy – Clear Cache, Clear History. This would clear up more space on your Android phone.

In the event you are still facing the issues of Android phone App keeps freezing up or Android phone freezes up while placing a call or when doing something’s, then it necessitates you for doing Reset Factory Data operation. Reset Factory Data is an inbuilt tool which is used to remove all the data that was added, imported or installed on your Android device. While using this feature, one thing that you should keep in your mind is performing restore factory settings would delete entire data stored on your Android device.

Things to Remember:

  • Your Android Phone could be sluggish initially after power up, so ensure that your phone is having sufficient time to get registered with your phone’s cellular network and all the applications and widgets are loaded before being concerned.
  • Extracting attachments from emails can take couple of minutes to come on screen.

Follow these simple steps to carry out Reset Factory Data:

  1. Press Menu button on your Android phone.
  2. Now Tap on Settings option.
  3. Just Scroll down and click Privacy.
  4. Tap on Factory Data Reset option.
  5. Check Erase internal storage option, in case you want to remove entire data from the device internal storage like Apps, movies, pictures or music.
  6. At last Tap Reset Phone to execute Reset Factory Data.

Thus, by following this reset option, you can successfully fix the issue of Android phone freezes after call or when you are using any Android Apps, on startup, etc.

Use Remo MORE software to resolve Android phone freeze up problem:

If above mentioned manual methods doesn’t work out, then it’s good to take help of some reliable third party tool such as Remo MORE. It is an all-in-one Android maintenance utility bundled with clean junk files, privacy cleaner, remove duplicates, what’s cleaner and many other advanced features. It is the best tool to resolve Android phone freezes up problem. It keeps your Android phone clean and healthy, makes its running smoothly.

Benefits of using Remo MORE:

  1. Fix your Android phone freezes up problem only within few minutes.
  2. It will remove browsing history, bookmarks, cookies and many other elements from Android phone to boost up its performance.
  3. Designed with user friendly interface which provide a great help to an amateur user.
  4. By utilizing cloud control panel of this utility you can even control your Android device remotely.
  5. You can enjoy all the amazing features of this tool without paying a single penny, because this app is completely FREE!!!

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